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An Introduction to EduNova

EduNova, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a provincial co-operative association of education providers - the only one of its kind in Canada. EduNova’s mission is to champion Nova Scotia as a leader in the international student experience while advancing social and economic growth in the province. Its membership is comprised of colleges, universities, language schools and K-12 public and independent schools that work together to bring students from all over the world to Nova Scotia - to study, stay and thrive.

EduNova’s Vision & Mission:

At EduNova, our goal is to transform Nova Scotia through international education - where students study, stay and thrive. Through collaboration with members and partners, we position Nova Scotia as the priority destination for international students while advancing social and economic growth in our province. ​​​We are here to support international students through every step of their journey.

EduNova’s Guiding Principles​​​​​​​:

Icon teamwork

Active collaboration with members and partners province-wide

Icon social justice

Ethical evidence-based best practices and democratic decision-making

Icon success

Alignment of our resources to deliver our strategic plan

Icon meeting

Transparency of information and accountability of actions

Icon network

Sustainability of our organization and sector

Icon idea

Celebrate and promote diversity and inclusion in our student population and Nova Scotia communities.

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Study and Stay™ - CONNECT

The Study and Stay™ - Nova Scotia CONNECT Project works to support…

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Study and Stay™ – Capstone Program

The Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Capstone Program provides participants with…

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Study and Stay™ - Foundations Program

The Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Foundations Program is designed to support…

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Study and Stay™ – Entrepreneurship Program

The Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Entrepreneurship Program partners with…

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Post-Graduation Immigration Support

The Post-Graduation Immigration Support Program aims to support international…

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Airport Welcome Desk

EduNova’s Airport Welcome Desk provides support for international students at…

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Discover Nova Scotia Hub

The Discover Nova Scotia New Student Hub aims to support prospective…

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Post-Graduation Work Permit

When you graduate from a university or college in Nova Scotia, you will be…

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Building Employment Skills for Successful Transitions Conference

The BEST Conference is an annual event hosted by EduNova, along with other…

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Export Internship for Trade Graduates

The Export Internship for Trade Graduates program provides a concrete link…

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Curriculum Schools Virtual Presentation

EduNova offers virtual student recruitment presentations for schools across the…

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Immigrant Impact Stories

EduNova has completed a collateral development campaign supported by Nova…

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Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency MyCreds™ Project

MyCreds™ is an innovative digital credential wallet. It provides a secure,…

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MyCreds™ Nova Scotia Initiative

ARUCC MyCredsTMTM | MesCertif National Network (MyCreds™) is a secure document…

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International Admissions Staff Training

The International Admissions Staff Training Program supports Nova Scotia’s…

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