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International Student Recruitment Agents

As an International Student Recruitment Agent, you provide information to students and their families about educational opportunities that will best fit their needs. Nova Scotia has the advantage of providing a quality of education that is respected around the world, and our economy and political systems are stable, with some of the best healthcare in the world in safe and friendly communities. Compared to many other countries, the Canadian Immigration system makes it as easy as possible for students to obtain the right to study and work while in Nova Scotia.  

We provide agents with resources and opportunities to provide up-to-date information in order to position Nova Scotia as the ideal location for international education for students and families.  

EduNova’s Agent Familiarization Tour 

The Agent Familiarization Tour gives agents the opportunity to participate in a familiarisation tour for International Education Agents. The tour welcomes attendees from across the globe who gain the opportunity to not only tour Nova Scotia educational institutions but also experience the warmth, beauty, and hospitality of the province.  

This tour has gained a strong reputation among agents due to the quality and pace of activities. This tour affords agents the opportunity to experience the beauty and culture of Nova Scotia by visiting local tourist sites and participating in educational activities. This tour equips agents with a better understanding of life in Nova Scotia and our educational offerings in order to promote the province as a prime study destination. 

EduNova Agent B2B Tour 

The Agent B2B Tour gives agents the opportunity to connect with educational institutions in Nova Scotia from across the globe who are looking to build connections and partnerships with Atlantic Canadian institutions.  

These events are hosted virtually over Zoom and are open to all institutions in Nova Scotia.

Mount A Agent Tour

Many international students consult recruitment agents when making decisions regarding their post-secondary education choices. Admissions staff at our post-secondary institutions work closely with student recruitment agents in many countries to provide service to students. This program will strengthen our partnerships and ensure that students choosing Nova Scotia are well-prepared for a successful educational journey here.”

Shawna Garett, President & CEO of EduNova

EduNova’s Agent Training Programs 

EduNova’s Agent Training Program provides training to international student recruitment agents to ensure prospective students receive high-quality services and are supported with consistent Nova Scotia-based instructions and resources. This program is Nova Scotia’s first program dedicated to training overseas student recruitment agents. This program will ensure that agents are well-equipped to provide high-quality, seamless support to prospective international students.  

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) delivers the program training through online self-paced courses. Content is delivered in three modules. Modules include information about higher education in Nova Scotia, resources available to them, understanding the study permit process, working with regulated immigration professionals, and more.  

“International education is crucial to our future here in Nova Scotia and across Atlantic Canada. By working with the post-secondary sector and the province of Nova Scotia, EduNova is building creative supports that strengthen innovation and immigration through higher education. These investments in high-quality recruitment, professional development for key staff, and in support of pathways to immigration and employment will ensure that Nova Scotia looks ahead with confidence and expertise toward our global future.” – Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray, president & vice-chancellor, Saint Mary’s University.

Agent Training Program Modules

Module 1 - Overview of the Province/Region

The goal of this module is to differentiate the student experience in a particular province/region from the rest of Canada and to explore the tremendous benefits and opportunities available in the region for students, this module will introduce international recruitment agents to the education and immigration landscape specific to the province. 

Module 2 - Foundational Aspects of Immigration Law in Canada

This module introduces the foundations of Canada’s legal system, including related terminology and concepts that shape the application of laws and the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in making and assessing immigration applications. ​

Module 3 - What goes into a successful application?

This module focuses on specific information regarding types of applications, how applications are assessed, and the pitfalls and common reasons for refusals. This module will continue to introduce theory as well as start to incorporate practical elements into the learning. ​

Module 4 - Application and Practice through Case Studies

This module will focus on applying the theory from the previous modules. Learners will be expected to analyze case studies as a small group and provide rationales as to why, or why not, the application may be successful. This module pays special attention to the professional and ethical obligations of international recruitment agents and the ways in which they can support students with competence and integrity. 

Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada’s Certified Agent Lists

Click the button below to download a document with all the certified agents’ information from three training sessions.

Agent Testimonials

"Thank you, EduNova, for introducing us to the most renowned institutions on Canada's East Coast! Less than 2 months since the trip, we've successfully placed our first students and created partnerships that will last for many years to come."

Liliana Avila Roque, Founder & CEO AVILA International Education Consultancy

"Attending this tour was an enlightening experience! It provided valuable insights and the networking opportunities were unmatched. I would highly recommend any agency looking to broaden their horizons to participate in an Edunova tour. The level of professionalism and organization truly stood out."

Tati Halabi, Artha

"Edunova's Fam Tour is more than just a tour; they're the foundation for forging lasting relationships and securing valuable partnerships. As we explore these institutions and locations, we're not just building connections; we're building futures for our students."