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Recreation in Nova Scotia

There are many ways to remain active in Nova Scotia, from walking, jogging, or biking on the many trails and paths, joining a gym, to participating in organized and recreation league sports. 

Recreation is a great way to integrate into your new community. According to the Playing Together – New Citizens, Sports, & Belonging Report, as represented by Sports Nova Scotia,  69 percent of people who played sports within their first three years in Canada believe it helped them learn Canadian culture, and 87 percent of new Canadians felt more connected to their community by watching their kids play sports or by volunteering with a sports team. 

 Nova Scotia aims to make sports and recreation accessible to all Nova Scotians through several organizations, programs, and initiatives. Recreation Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization that advocates for all Nova Scotians for recreation and leisure opportunities to promote the values and personal, social, economic, and environmental benefits of recreation and leisure. Their recreation guide provides a comprehensive research tool you can use to look up any type of recreational activity in Nova Scotia.