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Post-Secondary Institutions

Nova Scotia is a premier destination for international students seeking quality post-secondary education in Canada. Housing a diverse range of accredited institutions, including renowned universities such as Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, and Acadia University, Nova Scotia offers a wealth of academic opportunities across various fields of study. 

These institutions are known for their commitment to excellence in teaching and research, providing international students with a stimulating and supportive learning environment. With state-of-the-art facilities, world-class faculty, and a vibrant campus life, Nova Scotia’s post-secondary institutions offer an enriching educational experience that prepares students for success in a globalized world. International students studying in Nova Scotia can immerse themselves in Canadian culture, participate in community events, and forge lasting friendships with peers from around the world.  

Whether pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies, Nova Scotia provides international students with the resources and support they need to achieve their academic, personal and career goals while experiencing the region's beauty and the warmth of Maritime hospitality.