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EduNova’s Export Internship (EIP) for Trade Graduates 

The Export Internship for Trade Graduates program provides a concrete link between recent graduates and Nova Scotian employers. The program is administered by EduNova, a cooperative of education institutions, and funded by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).  

 The program will assist seven Nova Scotian companies to engage recent trade graduates for one-year work placements that will advance export sales, initiatives, and strategies in new markets. These graduates will have studied in disciplines related to international trade. The program will assist these graduates in securing their first job in their field of study and will afford them the hands-on work experience necessary to launch a career in Nova Scotia. Simultaneously, embedding these graduates in Nova Scotian companies will increase the companies’ export success by augmenting the companies’ capacity to conduct research, formulate new strategies and execute plans for company export growth.  

This project aligns with the Atlantic Growth Strategy goals of retaining more skilled talent in our region, connecting this talent to local businesses, and increasing our region’s global competitiveness.  

 Program Benefits for Graduates 

  • One-year paid work placement at a minimum of CAD$40,000/year, full-time position, 40 hours/week. 
  • Direct implementation of an export strategy with real-time learning. 
  • Mentorship 
  • Able to apply elements of academic learning in the workplace with a company’s vision. 
  • Develop your skills further in many areas, including time management, business communication, project work, and working in a collaborative setting. 
  • Placements are determined by acceptance into the program and a pitch competition to Nova Scotian companies.  
  • Graduates must be engaged and excited to help launch the companies they are matched with in implementing their export goals.  

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Graduate Eligibility: 

  • Recent graduates from a Nova Scotia university or college who have completed trade and/or international business studies will receive priority consideration for one of seven work placements. 
  • Students who graduated from outside of Nova Scotia may also be eligible to participate if they have a clear goal of relocating to Nova Scotia for employment. Special consideration will be given to students who have completed formal training in international trade.  
  • To be eligible, students must have graduated within 18 months of their application date to the Export Internship Program. Both domestic and international students are eligible for the program and must indicate their interest in remaining in Nova Scotia post-graduation through the application process. 

Students will be selected based on the best fit with participating companies. International student graduates must have applied for their Post-Graduate Work Permit before they can participate in this program.  

 Program Benefits for Employers  

  • An in-depth trade interview with an expert export company mapping your export strategies for implementation by the trade graduate. 
  • A one-year graduate placement to assist the company in accessing and developing new markets or other export readiness activities. 
  • Diversity in the workplace. 
  • Mentorship opportunities. 
  • New perspectives. 
  • Positive publicity. 
  • Develop a talent pipeline. 

Funding Support 

The Export Internship Program funds selected experts to offset the cost of employing a recent graduate full-time for one year. A participating company will cover the costs associated with the graduate’s yearly gross salary of $40,000 annually, plus mandatory employment-related expenses (ex., CPP, EI, Vacation Pay). ACOA, through EduNova, will reimburse the company CAD$30,000.  

Please Note: A participation fee of CAD$1,000 + HST is due with your submission of the registration form.  

A participating company’s total investment in the 12-month program is CAD $10,000 plus Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERC) towards the graduate’s yearly salary and registration fees. The employer may offer a higher wage than CAD$40,000/year; however, ACOA’s maximum contribution will remain at CAD$30,000 


Nova Scotia Business Eligibility 

The Export Internship for Trade Graduates program provides a tangible link between recent graduates and Nova Scotian employers. The program will assist seven graduates who have studied in disciplines related to international trade to secure their first job in their field of study and will afford these graduates the hands-on work experience necessary to launch a career in Nova Scotia.  

Ideal businesses for the program would be those at the growth stage, non-start-up companies with the financial capacity, potential for scale, and potential for continued employment. They should also provide an environment that would be a positive work and learning experience.