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Nova Scotia’s Immigrant Impact Stories – Finding the Joy 

EduNova has completed a collateral development campaign supported by  Nova Scotia’s Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration in partnership with NATIONAL Public Relations. The campaign drew upon the varied experiences of 10 recent international graduates from post-secondary institutions across the province. It resulted in 10 long-form documentary-style written testimonials, high-quality still portraits and video testimonials from each of the student subjects.  

The testimonials focus on the theme of the things that bring these students joy in their new surroundings, as they were encouraged to describe the challenge of being a newcomer to Nova Scotia, along with how they each found a resolution to these challenges – most often with support from Nova Scotians.

"I was stunned by the beauty of Nova Scotia and the way people relate to nature here. People rarely go to explore the woods for fun in my hometown, they are too busy making a living. Here there is balance."

Cong Chen

With the support of faculty at Mount Saint Vincent University, provincial programs for international students, and his circle of friends, Cong graduated with a Master of Art in Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). He now works as an English as an Additional Language Instructor with Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) and finds joy helping new immigrants settle in Nova Scotia. 

"This province formed me, and it means so much to me. It has become my home and I think contributing to its development is the least I can do to say 'thank you'."

Vivian Li

In 2017, Vivian joined EduNova's Study and StayTM Nova Scotia Program and enrolled at Acadia University in Wolfville to study Biology and Math. She never forgot the impact of her homestay experience and sought out opportunities to help international students at the University and immerse herself in her new community.

"Nova Scotia makes it easy to apply for permanent residence. There are many immigration pathways to choose from, and the settlement support available here cannot be compared to any other province."

Kalie Wang

Kalie loves her life in Cape Breton, where she began a successful indoor micro grain farm in 2019. Having worked as an Immigration Support Consultant, she's become an advocate for migration to to Nova Scotia.

"While searching for universities in Canada with a good reputation for science research, I came across Nova Scotia and Dalhousie University, and I knew immediately that I had found what I was looking for."

Lissette Bohorquez

Lis is facing the future with squared shoulders and the steely resolve with which she's stared down every challenge since she left Ecuador. She recently got promoted to Clinical Vision Science Program Coordinator in the department of Ophthalmology, at IWK Health, and she's excited about the prospect of giving back to Nova Scotia.

"The jewellery design program at NSCAD is very competitive and it pushed me to refine my skills and develop a unique style of my own."

Wenjing Yan

Urged by her parents to leave home and try life outside China, Wenjing applied to study graphic design at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) nad moved to Nova Scotia in 2015. That decision not only changed her career path; It also helped her discover hidden depths in her personality.

"I know my life has changed for the better because I moved to Nova Scotia. It was difficult at first but being away from my parents pushed me to become more independent."

Dafne Florencia Guerrero

Dafne plans to keep working with people from different cultures and hopes for a chance to support students who are facing the same sort of challenges she encountered. 

"Support from the community and from the University made it easier for me to start again, make new friends, and manage the uncertainty I felt from time to time."

Dewal Boucher-Tyndale

Dewal moved from Truro to Halifax, where she works as an Administrative Assistant in Student Services helping local and international students successfully navigate their path to a brighter future. She sees this role as another step to a successful career in Nova Scotia.

"I love living in Nova Scotia. I feel safe and supported here and there are oceans of opportunity for anyone who takes a leap of faith and is ready to try, despite their fear. Nova Scotians want you here, the province supports you and your business ideas."

Mary Navas

Mary got more opportunities to inspire others and serve, as the chair of the first Youth Advisory Committee of the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth. Her experiences prepared her for her role at NATIONAL Public Relations, where she works on the Marketing team, providing communications solutions for business in Atlantic Canada.

"EduNova's Study and StayTM program contributed immensely to the success I've had so far in my career."

Manuel Saurez Delgado

In December 2021, Manuel received his first promotion and is now a Quality Control Chemist with BioVectra. He loves his life in Nova Scotia and can't wait to buy his first house and apply to become a Canadian citizen.

"I got a lot of EduNova's Study and StayTM Program. It helped me find a job and stay in Canada; In fact, I was able to apply for my post-graduation work permit the day after I finished all my academic requirements."

Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth moved to Nova Scotia in 2018. She spent a brief stint at Dalhousie University befor settling on the four-year Bachelor of Journalism program at the University of King's College. Working on stories and assignments all over Halifax helped her learn more about its history and culture, creating a stronger sense of connection to teh province and helping Elizabeth get a sense of stability.