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About Nova Scotia 

Nova Scotia, situated on the eastern coast of Canada, is one of the country’s four Atlantic provinces. Home to just over one million residents, the province has a diverse, growing population that includes many international students from all over the world. Whether you enjoy the relaxed pace of small-town living or the hustle and bustle of city life, Nova Scotia truly has it all.  

Nova Scotia’s rich cultural tapestry is woven with threads of indigenous heritage, French Acadian legacy, British influence, and the vibrant contributions of diverse settlers from around the world. The Mi’kmaq people, rooted deeply in this rugged land, infused their art, music, language, and spirituality with a profound connection to their ancestral home. Meanwhile, the spirit of l’Acadie, brought by French settlers in the seventeenth century, resonates through our traditions. Yet, Nova Scotia’s cultural mosaic extends far beyond European roots. From the New England Planters to the Black Loyalists and the Maroons of Jamaica, each group has added layers to our province’s distinctive voice.  

Today, Nova Scotia’s artisans, scattered throughout the province, draw inspiration from this rich tapestry, crafting unique pieces that reflect our history, landscapes, and cultural diversity. Whether it’s the renowned Cabot Trail artisan loop or the quaint workshops along the South Shore, Nova Scotia’s artisans breathe life into our cultural narrative, ensuring that our heritage remains vibrant and alive in every medium, from pottery to film.  

In Nova Scotia, the possibilities are endless, offering a variety of lifestyle options for students. No matter your preference, choosing Nova Scotia for your studies opens a world of activities to select from every season. Discover the activities and institutions Nova Scotia has to offer!