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Study and Stay – Foundations Program 

The Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Foundations Program is designed to support international students during their first to third years of study at a Nova Scotia post-secondary institution. Through our modular learning levels, targeted programming and relevant resources, the Study and Stay – Nova Scotia Foundations Program goal is to help participants study, stay, and thrive in Nova Scotia.  

Modular Learning Levels

Icon social justice

Level One

Focused on learning about Nova Scotia and campus resources and support.

Icon network

Level Two

Focused on engagement and opportunities within communities.

Icon success

Level 3 & 4

Focused on introducing students to career development supports and pre-employment connections.

Program participants can select their learning priorities and complete the Foundation Learning Levels at their own pace. Participants will receive microcredential badges upon completing different modules, which can be shared within their network and verified by future employers.  

The Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Foundations Program is a stepping-stone into the Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Capstone Program, which supports international students during their final year of study at a post-secondary institution within Nova Scotia.  

Program Benefits: 

  • Participants become better positioned to find meaningful work, develop community connections, and build their lives in Nova Scotia. 
  • Students can earn digital microcredential badges that can be shared on their resumes and LinkedIn which are verifiable by employers. 
  • Students will be eligible to apply for the Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Capstone Program when they are in their final year of studies. 
  • Opportunities to grow your network by building the right connections on campus and within your communities in our social networking events and workshops.  
  • Access to entrepreneurship, volunteering, and immigration resources. 


Applicants must be international students during any year of study at a Nova Scotian post-secondary institution and hold a valid study permit.  

For more information on the program, please contact

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