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The Nova Scotia International Student Journey  

Welcome to Nova Scotia: Your gateway to extraordinary experiences and endless opportunities! 

Embark on your student journey in Nova Scotia and open the door to a world of opportunity and discovery. With breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and renowned educational institutions, Nova Scotia offers an unparalleled experience for international students seeking to broaden their horizons.

  • Pre-Arrival

    As an international student, Nova Scotia beckons with its promise of academic excellence amidst the backdrop of natural beauty. The prospect of studying in this welcoming province offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich culture and natural beauty. Prospective students should explore our website and download the iCent app to learn how to get started with one of our free programs. 

    International Student Attestation Letter Process
    Discover Nova Scotia – New Student Resource Hub

  • Relocation

    At EduNova, we provide international students with the support and resources to thrive within their community, education, and career in Nova Scotia. Through our programs, we provide participants with the knowledge, support, and resources to study, stay, and thrive in Nova Scotia. 

    Programs to support every step

  • Academic Life

    The Study and Stay™  - Nova Scotia CONNECT project works with international students during all years of their studies to help build skills and connections to help them excel during their education in Nova Scotia. Our programs are designed to provide access to webinars, in-person events, career mentors, and other important career resources 

    Study, stay and thrive

  • Graduation

    After completion of your education at a post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia, you will be eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. EduNova provides international students with support and resources, so they are able to confidently complete their application to start a career in Nova Scotia. 

    Joining the labour market

  • Settlement

    After graduating from a post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia, international students have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence within the province. Our Post-Graduation Immigration Support Program helps support recent graduates with the application process to becoming permanent residences.

    Pathways to permanent residence