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Our Team

A message from the Chair of the EduNova Board of Directors Chair and President & CEO

Much of the work that EduNova has undertaken can be summed up by the aphorism, “A rising tide lifts all boats,” as our work has been grounded in the understanding that our efforts to support new and returning international students in the province will benefit all our members, schools, and partners, and international students within the province of Nova Scotia.

EduNova’s best work represents connection, collaboration, and community. We recognize that collaboration is often challenging, as our institutional policies are not always designed to share – whether that is in-market intelligence, student enrolment data, or intellectual property. Yet together, we have created numerous examples of how we continue to find ways to overcome these challenges to work to collectively support international students, often in the face of obstacles and adversity, which we affectionately call “co-opitition.” 

EduNova Team

Shawna Garrett

Shawna Garrett

President & CEO

Fran Ciconetto

Francielle Ciconetto

Retention Coordinator, Study and StayTM – Nova Scotia Program


Elorm Anyadi

Retention Coordinator - Study and StayTM – Foundations Program


Jisun Ryu

Coordinator, Student Retention & Success


Asma Lokhandwala

Senior Project Coordinator, Student Recruitment

Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson

Communications & Digital Content Coordinator

Merry Li

Merry Li

Administrative Coordinator

EduNova Contractors

Chantal Headshot

Chantal Brine

Strategic Advisor


Ashley Pinsent-Tobin

International Student Success & Retention Strategist