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Nova Scotia’s International Student Program (NSISP), Elementary, and Secondary School Opportunities 

Nova Scotia offers international students a range of educational opportunities from kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12).  The Nova Scotia International Student Program (NSISP), West Island College Class Afloat, and King’s Edgehill offer high-quality education, supportive learning environments, and pathways to future studies.  With a focus on academic excellence, cultural integration and personal development pathways, students can immerse themselves in Canadian communities and design an educational experience tailored to their needs and interests.  

Whether students pursue higher education in Canada or abroad, a K-12 education in Nova Scotia provides a solid foundation for future academic success. With rigorous academic programs and an emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills, students are well-prepared to excel in post-secondary studies.   

An essential part of your student experience is your living arrangements. EduNova’s K-12 members carefully curate boarding experiences or homestays with Canadian families to ensure the support extends beyond the classroom.  

NSISP Student Familiarization Tour

The Nova Scotia International Student Program also offers a Familiarization Tour for students across the province to experience different post-secondary institutions firsthand. This tour, which spans four days, allows NSISP students to tour Nova Scotia post-secondary institutions, learn about their resources for international students, and understand the surrounding communities.

Request information on NSISP Student Familiarization Tours

If you would like to partake in a NSISP Student Familiarization Tour, please contact