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The Discover Nova Scotia New Student Resource Hub 

The Discover Nova Scotia New Student Hub aims to support prospective international students, positioning Nova Scotia as a study and stay destination. The Hub contains reliable and accessible information on academic programs and institutions, a labour market overview, immigration pathways, and pre-arrival information to help students better plan their settlement in the province. Research shows that creating opportunities for early connections for new students and having relevant information increases integration, career, and social success for international students in a new country.   

The Hub content is delivered through app technology, bringing students to a virtual environment where EduNova offers other programs to support their journey from the first year of study until they apply for permanent residency in the province. 

The Hub will provide you with: 

  • Access to valuable information about life in Nova Scotia and its educational institutions  
  • Tips and tricks to help choose the right academic program and career 
  • Settlement supports to help navigate your new community 
  • Provincial requirements so you can focus on preparing to begin your studies. 

You will also find helpful information about housing, transportation, healthcare, banking, and the potential to stay and work in Nova Scotia after graduation.  

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