What Can I Bring To Canada?

If you are planning to travel to Canada for a term of study, or for an entire four year degree program, you may find the idea of bringing along some things from home appealing. Canada, like most countries, has specific rules about what you can and can’t import and some rules and regulations for how to correctly document those items you can’t live without.

Many of the international students living in Nova Scotia have found that spices, herbs, coffees and teas from home helped with their transition to life abroad. These things can easily be brought into the country with you. You are also allowed to bring cheese, vegetables or fruit that have been frozen, canned or dried. In some cases you can bring fresh fruits and vegetables and some types of fish and seafood may also be permitted.

As for your personal goods, things like jewellery, computers, furniture and even automobiles may be brought into the country as long as they are properly documented. You may be required to pay an import deposit which will be returned to you, either when you leave the country with the items or ship them home ahead of your departure. It’s important to note the dates on the documentation you are provided at customs, and make sure that if your departure dates change you have the documentation updated accordingly.

For specific information on what you can bring into Canada you can refer to the following pages on the Government of Canada website.

Personal Importation of Food, Plant and Animal and related products into Canada

Preparing to Enter Canada to Work or Study