The Nova Scotia Lifestyle

Nova Scotia culture can also be seen as the way we live. Compared to that of larger, more urban parts of the world, our lifestyle is relaxed and simple. Nova Scotians enjoy a “best of both worlds” kind of living. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, clean air, cool breezes, open spaces and the calming sound of the ocean, we also enjoy the benefits of a thriving economy and our close connections to the wider world.

Here we are never more than just a few minutes from the amenities found in the world’s largest cities. We shop in grocery stores that provide an incredible range of food choices, and we have our favorite stores in modern shopping malls. We enjoy quiet times in cosy cafés and visit art galleries and museums. We browse in local specialty shops and, in the evenings, enjoy dining in our favorite restaurants. We attend big-name concerts or catch upcoming musicians at local clubs — or perhaps we simply go for a stroll along a waterfront or beach.

In Nova Scotia, our lives are balanced, and we treasure that quality in our province. Our workplaces can be full of daily challenges, but we still enjoy a life after work that is fun and fulfilling.