With a vast array of choices in terms of both cuisine and atmosphere, dining in Nova Scotia can be fantastic experience, catering to all sorts of tastes and inclinations. Foods from all over the world are prepared and served at hundreds of locations, and there is always somewhere new to discover. East-Asian cuisine is a particularly popular choice amongst the local population, with dedicated restaurants and cafes dotted across the province. Those looking for a more local taste can enjoy a large selection of freshly caught seafood, with the widely available whole-lobster being a particular favourite in Atlantic Canada. As well as an opportunity to expand your tastes, dining offers a chance to explore Canada from a new perspective, where venues are celebrated for their unique atmosphere and environment. Individuals seeking a sophisticated culinary experience may enjoy our plethora of renowned and award-winning restaurants, whilst those looking for a more quaintly traditional meal might find comfort at a local pub or bar. Further, our many restaurants, diners and cafes offer meals at a range of different price points, meaning it is easy to enjoy a meal out, even on the tightest student budgets.