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The Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC)

Located in Halifax, NS, and Ottawa, ON CLLC’s schools are world-class Canadian colleges committed to teaching English language skills to international students of all ages. CLLC maintains the highest educational standards and has gained an international reputation for educational excellence. CLLC has a flexible enrolment policy with weekly start dates, part time & full time courses and short & long term courses. CLLC’s general academic program consists of six levels, as well as our University Academic Bridging Program (UABP). We also offer intensive TOEFL, IELTS, and Business English preparation courses. Our motivated instructors have earned PhD’s, Master’s, or Bachelor’s degrees and hold CELTA and DELTA qualifications. CLLC has a dynamic homestay program and an excellent activities program offering students great social activities weekly. If you want your students to be delighted (not just satisfied) then please join 1000s of students who enjoy CLLC’s “master of two”: our operational excellence & client intimacy.

Oxford International Halifax

We understand that a student’s language school experience lasts a lifetime and that choosing where to study is a major decision. When students graduate from one of our seven Oxford International schools, they are ready to use the English they have learned in their place of work or study. Classes are available in person, online, or as a blended learning combination of the two. Our teachers are trained in methodology which builds upon the Common European Framework for Languages and have also received training in the successful delivery of online classes.

Students establish or build on a firm foundation across all skills, using critical thinking and a combination of modern technology and tried-and-tested pedagogical practices to improve their learning experience. It is extremely important to us that students not only learn new language structures but also use them actively in their everyday life.

Oxford International prides itself on offering programs with challenging curricula and clearly defined outcomes. We provide a University College Pathway program (UCP) to twenty of Atlantic Canada’s universities and colleges. Successful graduates of this program do not require an external exam score, such as IELTS. In addition, we provide General English (EC), English for Parents (EP), IELTS Preparation (IP), and a Business English for the Workplace (BEW) program. Oxford International is a leader in developing customized ESL programs for groups, including a very popular summer program for teens. Oxford International’s career college, Oxford International College Halifax, offers a teacher training program and a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) program). Oxford International Halifax is a multiple-year winner of the Consumer Choice Award for Best Language School in Halifax and is a subsidiary of OIEG Oxford International Education Group.

Atlantic Canada Language Academy

Atlantic Canada Language Academy is located in the Lunenburg Academy a historical building built 1895, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Canada’s most stunning locations. Established in 1753, Lunenburg is one of the oldest and safest spots in the country and has a rich history and culture.

ACLA offers students an immersive learning experience and gives them a taste of the Nova Scotia culture, food, people and community throughout all stages of their learning. Our enthusiastic and professional teachers lead our students through engaging and thought-provoking classes that cover real-world knowledge and culture alongside EAL. We also have a vibrant online offering ‘Lunenburg Live’, for those who can not visit. This unique learning experience also immerses students into the town of Lunenburg as part of our campus and an urban experience with Halifax a short drive away.

At ACLA, we offer weekly start dates for our top quality English as Additional Language Programs (EAL) that will prepare you for your next step, whatever it may be. You can enhance your English for Academic Purposes (EAP) or Business professional English skills, prepare for your IELTS or TOEFL (English language proficiency tests) or study General English to travel more comfortably in English speaking areas!

ACLA has just celebrated ten years of excellence, and we are passionate about what we do. This passion has created a beautiful synergy with our homestay families and our community partners. ACLA students enjoy exploring the beaches and coastal community, harbour-side streets are lined with unique shops and restaurants and scenic waterfront, which is home to the famous racing schooner, the Bluenose!

Lunenburg is truly a magical place to learn and taste the true Atlantic Canadian experience – ACLA staff will help you to make the best choice of school based on your field of interest and career choice. We look forward to meeting you!

Halifax Language Institute of Canada (HLIC)

At HLIC, our mission is to provide students with unique communication programs that will improve their English language proficiency, confidence, fluency, and accuracy. We strive to provide all of our students with the skills necessary to succeed in a personal, academic and/or professional capacity.

We take this drive and apply it to a student-centered learning methodology, which means students are empowered in every capacity of their language learning. We employ a task-based learning approach, as much as possible, which leads to numerous city outings and field trips around the area. We also have a customized homestay program to meet the needs of various student backgrounds and wants. Students end up with a deep connection to the school, their homestay families, and often come back for many visits long after they have graduated. There is a flexible enrolment policy and offer classes for EAP 1-5, UBP, General ESL, Business English, Test Preparation for TOFEL & IELTS, and private tutoring.

ICEAP Nova Scotia Inc.

ICEAP Nova Scotia Inc. is the exclusive language partner operating on Cape Breton University(CBU)campus. ICEAP Nova Scotia offers English for Academic Preparation to international students who wish to study in Nova Scotia, but lack the required English proficiency.  ICEAP Nova Scotia focuses on helping students reach their education and career goals. Our specialized training is proven to support student success in highly sought after undergraduate and graduate diploma and degree programs. Our rich local culture and superb community support provide students with a world class English language experience in a location renowned for its natural beauty.

Apex Language and Career College (ALCC)

Apex Language and Career College (ALCC) has helped students from over 40 countries around the world succeed in learning English and achieving their language goals. We have helped students get into university, college and high school in Canada since 2000. Our campus is conveniently located in downtown Halifax, the provincial capital of beautiful Nova Scotia. Allowing students to study, live and learn in the heart of the city!
We offer six levels of English: General English Program (GEP), English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and University Bridging Program (UBP). We also offer additional programs such as: English Test Preparation, Conversation classes and Academic Support. Our qualified instructors come from a wide variety of cultures and teaching backgrounds. All have experience teaching abroad and understand the needs of international students.
Our curricula are designed to provide students with the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills they need to succeed in university, college or the workplace in Canada. We help students expand their vocabulary, improve their grammar, and build the confidence to communicate in English. With over 20 years of experience, we are confident that we can give students the tools required to develop their language abilities. At ALCC we pride ourselves on quality education, experienced teachers, knowledgeable staff and an inclusive environment!

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