Post-Graduation Immigration Support Program

Are you an international graduate with plans to stay in Nova Scotia? If your answer is yes, this program may be for you! The Post-Graduation Immigration Support Program aims to support international graduates by providing instructional information on immigration programs and personalized immigration coaching.

Eligible graduates will have access to a session with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant from the program’s partner, Inspired Immigration. The consultants will assist participants in navigating the Canadian immigration system and identify their best option to stay in the province. During the free advising session, consultants will answer questions, identify suitable pathways for permanent residency, and help build confidence in those filing independent applications.

Who is a Regulated and Authorized Immigration Consultant (RCIC)?

An RCIC is an authorized immigration consultant certified by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Our RCICs also have specialized knowledge in working with international graduates. By booking a free session from November 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024 with our RCICs, you will receive individualized support in evaluating your best options for applying for permanent residency and have an opportunity to ask questions specific to your circumstances.

Book an appointment with an RCIC on the iCent app. 

Download the iCent app

To download the iCent app, click here or scan the QR code. You can also find it on your app store:

To be eligible for an immigration advising session, international graduates must:

– Have finished their studies at a post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia between August 2021 to date*;

– Possess a Post-Graduation Work Permit, or proof of application for one; and

– Have a job or job offer from a Nova Scotian employer for a position based and taxed in the province.

* Graduation date requirement extended temporarily – the date is to be reviewed again in 2024.

What to expect from the program

The image below presents an overview of each step you will take to benefit from the Post-Graduation Immigration Support Program.


Download the iCent app

To download the iCent app, click here or scan the QR code. You can also find it on your app store:

In the iCent app, select ‘EduNova’ as the organization and ‘Post-Graduation Immigration Support Program’ as the program.

Detailed instructions on how to download the app are available in this guide.


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