Peggy’s Cove

A small fishing community sitting right atop the Atlantic, Peggy’s Cove is the perfect snapshot of Canada’s East Coast, with a beautifully scenic ocean vista, traditional Atlantic communities and varied array of sights and activities. Small but colourful houses and cabins line the edge of the waterfront, and add a local charm to the rocky coastal landscape. Visitors from across the world come to see the recognisable Peggy’s Cove lighthouse, built in 1915 and still functioning today. Visitors are encouraged to dine at the many local restaurants offering a selection of seafood, with the Atlantic lobster being a particular favourite. Additionally, throughout the spring and summer, boat tours for exploring the coastline or whale watching are run all day, and guests can engage in organised kayaking tours and canoeing trips, while the open beaches just off the cove are a perfect place to enjoy a sunny day. Visitors looking to spend more time at the cove have a choice of accommodation, from the many waterfront campgrounds located along the cove, to a number of small cottages and inns. Only a 25-minute drive from downtown Halifax, Peggy’s Cove is an ideal place for a weekend getaway.