As parents, we’re always trying to seek a balance.


We want to help provide new and interesting experiences that will enrich the lives of our children, we want to be sure they are given the tools they will need to have a successful future, and we want to be sure they are safe and happy. This balance is often difficult to achieve. In Canada, our educational institutions have a long tradition of welcoming International Students — 300,000 students in 2013 alone! We understand the questions and concerns you have as parents. In Nova Scotia our schools have implemented many programs and initiatives to assist International Students. From the moment your child is greeted at the airport until they receive their diploma they will have access to resources and assistance that will get them settled into their new home and assist them in getting the most out of their education and their experience as an International Student.

We’ve got the advantage of providing a quality of education that is respected around the world for significantly less than the cost of many International destinations. Our economy and political system are stable, our healthcare system is one of the best in the world, and Nova Scotia is made up of safe and friendly communities. Compared to many other countries, the Canadian Immigration system makes it as easy as possible for students to obtain the right to study and even work while they’re in Nova Scotia. The prevailing attitude of Nova Scotia is one of welcome and acceptance, this extends beyond graduation. There are special programs in place to help students who have completed their education in Canada to gain the right to work or start a business.

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