The vibrant and active Nova Scotian lifestyle is carried on in the wide array of bars, pubs and nightclubs that line the streets of our cities and towns, and are especially popular amongst the large population of university students and young adults. Nova Scotian bars and pubs are a perfect place to enjoy a drink with friends, meet new people and experience the large and talented community of Atlantic Canadian singers, performers and musicians. Many pubs have strong European influences in both atmosphere and service, and are a perfect place to enjoy live music. Most University towns are also home to bars that offer a quieter, more social atmosphere. Those looking for a more kinetic evening might enjoy Halifax’s many nightclubs and dance bars. Usually attracting a younger audience, the energetic and lively club experience is a break from the day-to-day lifestyle of students, with bigger venues attracting larger crowds and new DJ’s nightly. In Spring and Summer, Nova Scotia hosts some of Atlantic Canada’s biggest music festivals and concerts and, with performances going early into the morning, are a great way to experience the province’s nightlife.