One of Nova Scotia’s most historic coastal communities, Lunenburg is a famed and award winning travel destination, noted as a beautiful seaside town, with a picturesque view of the Atlantic. Founded in 1753 as a fishing hub, Lunenburg has preserved its cultural legacy and traditions, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can explore the small town, with its bevy of colourful painted homes, well-maintained traditional fishing ships and quaint piers and seaside paths. Visitors to Lunenburg are encouraged to visit many of the older homes, now re-appropriated as museums and galleries, displaying the town’s long-standing tradition of seamanship. Many tours are organised and run through the year, and cover the very best sights the town has to offer. Further, boat tours and sailing trips are on offer throughout the warmer months, and give visitors a chance to explore Lunenburg’s scenic coast from the ocean. Fishing tours and whale watching trips are also offered, and first time sailors can receive lessons at the Nova Scotia Sailing Club. Lastly, those looking for a flavour of the Atlantic can visit the daily farmers’ markets, offering fresh and affordable produce and seafood.