Kejimkujik National Park

A designated National Park and Historic Site, the Kejimkujik Park sees the entire expanse and beauty of Nova Scotia’s environment in a single place. The Park itself is home to lush forests and rare wildlife. Visitors can explore on foot or by bike, with hundreds of designated paths and trails for both. The Park’s lakes and winding waterways have been used by the local Mi’kmaq population for thousands of years, and numerous artifacts and monuments still exist to this day of their voyages through the forests and lakes. Along with canoeing and kayaking, visitors can choose to camp at the many open campgrounds dotted across the Park. Free from artificial light, Kejimkujik Park has one of the darkest skies in North America, and is an ideal location for stargazing at night. Meanwhile, the Kejimkujik seaside, located roughly 100km from the main park, opens directly into the Atlantic Ocean, and provides a whole other environment to explore and discover. The high white cliffs of the Park are scattered with various hiking trails and biking paths, and offer an incredible view of both the water and the Nova Scotia mainland. Large sandy beaches and lagoons are also perfect for those looking to enjoy a day in the water, and boat and kayak rentals are available for those looking to explore even further.