Hiking provides a great opportunity to explore Nova Scotia’s unique coastal geography, and there are hundreds of open and hidden paths and trails that allow hikers to experience the great natural beauty of our province, with incredible sightseeing opportunities. Also a fantastic way to spend time outside, especially in the warmer months, hiking is a great form of exercise, and can offer an escape from the day-to-day events of student life. Many provincial parks often have their own walking and hiking trails, and are short enough to be enjoyed in a few hours, perhaps during a break in the day. More adventurous explorers might enjoy some of the longer trails that stretch across Nova Scotia, providing an incredible opportunity to experience the province mainland and surrounding wildlife. Hikers looking to spend several days out of the city, discovering the many sights on offer across the province can find paths and trails that extend upwards of 400 kilometers in length, providing a panorama of multiple landscapes and environments. Many such paths also have designated lanes for those preferring to travel by bicycle, and are an excellent way to explore another side of Nova Scotia.