High Schools, Boarding Schools & Preparatory Schools

King’s-Edgehill School

Built in 1788, King’s-Edgehill in Windsor is Canada’s first independent school. At KES, students enjoy the unparalleled beauty of historic buildings in a 65-acre pastoral setting. Offering the four strands of education (the academic, athletic, aesthetic and leadership through service) KES prepares students for university entrance, propelled by the IB Programme and enveloped by nurturing teachers. Graduates attend the world’s prestigious universities and win more than $1 million a year in scholarships.


Sacred Heart School of Halifax

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and part of a network of schools around the world, Sacred Heart School of Halifax is one of the top independent schools in the region. Here, students develop global perspectives and opportunities that extend far beyond our iconic front door. With a purposeful pedagogy, a team of supportive faculty who encourage intellectual risks, and robust arts, athletics, and extra-curricular programs, we offer an outstanding education and experience. And, thanks to our clearly defined mission, we also ensure our students cultivate their individual strengths, learn how to serve their community, develop the confidence to push beyond limitations, and sow seeds that lead to wisdom and transformation. Halifax is one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in Canada and is an excellent location from which to learn English, meet new friends, and discover new adventures.


Nova Scotia International Student Program and Nova Scotia Secondary Schools

The Nova Scotia International Student Program offers single-semester and full-year secondary programs in more than 80 schools throughout the province, plus an ESL camp in July and August.

NSISP students can choose from a variety of subjects within the Nova Scotia curriculum, focusing on arts, sciences, languages and computers. The subjects are taught under the careful supervision of well-trained, certified teachers.