Festivals, Music & Theatre

With its own unique traditions and influences, Nova Scotia has become a cultural hub for Canada, and sees hundreds of live festivals and concerts throughout the year, attracting performers and audiences alike from across the world. Its growing popularity as a capital for music and culture sees the size and scale of such festivals grow each year, and the diverse assortment of celebrations and events caters to a wide array of tastes and preferences. Many of the larger yearly holidays also see numerous events organised and run in celebration. In Halifax, New Years is celebrated at the Grand Parade Square with music and dance performances, attracting audiences of all ages. Likewise, Canada Day sees parades and concerts performed across Nova Scotia, including the notable military parades on Citadel Hill. The Nova Scotia Multifest, run from 1984 to celebrate the traditional cultural diversity of Nova Scotia, sees parades and performances by artists across several days within Halifax. Outside of these larger festivals and events, hundreds of smaller concerts, parades and festivals take place weekly in Nova Scotia, and there is a variety of cultural performances to explore and discover.