City Parks

With vibrant greenery and winding waterfront paths, Halifax’s many parks and open spaces are a perfect place to relax with friends, take in the sights or enjoy various activities and games. Whether you’re looking to play or to rest, there is guaranteed to be a park suited to your needs. Explore the city’s winding seaside on the 2.8km long Sir Sandford Fleming Park Trail, either on foot or by bike. With picnic shelters and open beaches, it’s a perfect place to spend a weekend day. Or use your time in between classes to enjoy lunch at one of the many downtown parks. The Halifax Public Gardens, with its vibrant flower gardens and classical architecture sees many concerts and festivals throughout the year, with local bands and performers using the park as an open stage. Sitting right on the busy Spring Garden Road, the Public Gardens are a great place to enjoy a break from your day. Those looking for a place to exercise will enjoy the winding running and cycling trails at Point Pleasant Park. With trails looking out onto both the city and the ocean, the park is beautifully scenic, and a quite escape from the flurry of everyday city life.