Cabot Trail

A beautiful path that stretches across the length of Cape Breton Island, the Cabot trail is considered one of the World’s most scenic destinations. Almost 300km in length, the trail loops across the northern area of the island, and usually takes 3-4 days to travel by car, if visitors choose to take advantage of the numerous picturesque stops and activities on offer. Along the trail, visitors can explore the various locales of Cape Breton Island, with an array of lush forests and greenery, winding seasides and sandy beaches. The high cliffs of Cape Breton Island make for a perfect lookout onto both the Atlantic Ocean and the Nova Scotia mainland. In summer, visitors can hike or cycle along the various trails extending from the trail, and can rent boats and kayaks to explore the various lakes, rivers and inlets dotted across the island. In winter, the trail becomes an ideal sporting location, with designated snowmobiling trails and large ski and snowboarding hills. There are numerous hotels and smaller accommodation facilities along the trail, each providing a unique experience for first time visitors, and small communities offer a chance for visitors to explore the local culture and cuisine, with many festivals and events organised at various times across the year.