Fort Louisburg

Built in 1720, and center to some of the most important developmental conflicts between the English and the French over control of North American land in the 18th Century, Fort Louisburg stands as a monument for Canadian heritage and tradition. Partially rebuilt in 1961, the Fortress, now recognised for its cultural significance, is now a designated National Historic Site, and open for visitors throughout the year. Guests to the site can experience the lifestyle and day-to-day events of soldiers and settlers in the 1700’s. Repurposed as a tourist camp, events and tours are organised daily, and seek to create an accurate representation of life in the 18th Century, from the architecture of the fort and surrounding settlement, to the cuisine and entertainment on offer. Special festivals and events are hosted at the Fort at different times throughout the year, and provide an experience that is both unique and historically educational. The fort is roughly a 5-hour drive from downtown Halifax.